The Poetry of Illusion

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Filmed in Paris during the summer of 2015, The Poetry Of Illusion’s documentary feature embodies the spirit, passion and inspiration of artists who place art at the centre of their lives. More importantly, it is a passage to your creative inheritance.

Join a salon of inspired artists, writers, filmmakers, poets and philosophers as they share the very source of their creativity in an inclusive, uplifting celebration of the transformative power of art.

Attend a tea party at the world’s most inspiring bookshop, Shakespeare and Company in Paris, and join with its host and your guide, the visionary artist and poet Panmelys, as she initiates you into a world of poetic wonders.

We will meet Professor of Literature at Avignon University, the poet, writer and philosopher René Agostini, who will reveal the path to the lost transmission of ancient wisdom traditions and how we are all poets.

Lex Paulson, writer and Professor of Rhetoric and Human Rights at Sciences Po, Paris, will enlighten, provoke and inspire with his passionate exposition on the value of memory, the challenge of criticism and the Aristotelian concept of Eudaimonia and Arete: how each of us possess an excellence waiting to be unlocked.

The artist and filmmaker, Véronique Aubouy, will talk of how her films and life became an expression of her love for Proust. How discovering she was a filmmaker changed her way of being in the world and how her film, Proust lu, went from being considered a “crazy idea” to an internationally recognised contribution to art and culture.

Sylvia Whitman, the daughter of Shakespeare and Company’s founder George Whitman, will share the history, mystery and enlightened chaos of owning an energy source and inspiration to so many writers and readers throughout the world.

The Poetry Of Illusion is your intimate friend on your journey of discovery.