An Invitation

>Grace and Movement

Our world is modulated by filters. They refract and shape light, sound, thought and sensation. Their source is opaque to us. We know them only through inference.

Our genetic and cultural lineage gifts us our preferences and prejudices. Much is left unexamined, making its presence felt through context and unconscious impulse. We walk in their presence, but they are distant simulacrums.

And yet we are the most powerful of alchemists. Capable of transmuting our environment, of literally recrafting its forms. We are the time travellers into past and future, channelling imagined possibilities, threats and regret. We are the creator of infinite forms.

Our portal is the space we are infused with. Our imagination the vehicle. Our attention the energy.

Enter this space, rest in it, allow for it to dissolve the knots and tears and summon the energies that led to you.